PURPLE SEA MOSS is a form of seaweed. Real sea vegetation naturally growing and peacefully harvested by hand from the Caribbean sea of the coast of Jamaica. It is a mineral dense cell-food.



Simple, the word and domain name for Purple Sea Moss is taken! Boohoo for us. But my nickname is Cee and being part owner, we called it Cee Moss.

Cee like me, but also Sea. Get it 😉


?. Hi, Quickly what are the BENEFITS OF PURPLE SEA MOSS?

For quick summary, boosts your body with new energy. Supports in developing immunity against colds and flu. Helps balance thyroid hormones.


?. How do we know this is from Jamaica and not made in a pool?

Hi, thanks for your message,

The way we guarantee our Moss is real is by the following:

  • We have divers in Jamaica who we deal with personally. You can tell wildcrafted Sea Moss from pool grown Moss.

  • Once you get the Sea Moss, some of it still has parts of rocks attached.

  • Lastly the smell. You open your bag and are transported to the beach.

We carry and consume only 100% wildcrafted Sea Moss

?. Hi I’d like to buy some of your sea moss gel. Where are you located?

Hi, we are in Melbourne


?. That’s awesome. Do you guys have a store front where I can pick it up or do you guys just offer online buying?

We are just doing delivery atm, but we are considering opening a shop



?. Is there a different between the sea moss colours?

The different colours (Phytonutrients) play a different role in the body e.g purple is high in antioxidants which combat free radicals in your body, gold/yellow is high in phytonutrients which play a role in cellular communication, and the green sea moss contains chlorophyll which aids in liver detoxification and also increase blood hemoglobin.


?. Hi, doesnt this also help with flem and coughing?

Hi, Yes Correct! Phlegm is one of peoples biggest reason of try and using Sea Moss. A message from one of our customers, "Within 3 days All my phlegm is cleaned and i don't need a tissue when I first wake up 🥰"


?. Are the product pure harvested directly from the sea or pool?

We get our sea moss from Jamaica, a 3rd generation family of divers do the harvesting and drying. It's plucked from the rocks and dried until it's ready to be shipped, 100% pure Jamaican Purple Sea Moss, you will smell it when you open the bag.



The benefits of using Purple Sea Moss are vast and unlimited, however, we recommend consuming it for its high mineral content, to aid in maintaining a proper mineral balance in the body.
Plant based minerals are responsible and integral in all body functions and systems.


?. How many grams in a bag

Hello, 28 grams per bag of fresh purple sea moss, straight from Jamaica.


?. What do, i do with my Raw Sea Moss?

Once you receive your raw moss you will have to prepare it to your liking. You have a few options on how to prep your moss. It can be turned into a tasteless gel to consume with food, or you can dry it to eat raw in salads. The best method to dry it is to wash the moss and clean it. Then, use a dehydrator to create crunchy moss.



To make the gel, you must wash the moss well, soak it in purified water and fresh lime for 24 hours, then rinse, drain and blend the moss with 11/2-cup of fresh water. Checkout our 7 step video to guide you:


?. How Much do i need to make a whole jar of SEA Moss Gel?

1oz of Raw Sea Moss makes enough to fit into 450ml jar, lasting 16 days, if you take 2tbs per day


If you are receiving a message that you cannot order the Sea Moss Gel, this is due to current shipping times frames. The Sea Moss Gel is only being sold locally Australia wide, with dates coming soon for other locations. You can however buy the Raw Moss and make it at home with our easy instructions.



?. Where do you ship?

At the moment due to Covid-19 we mainly ship Australia wide and USA. Certain items will only be available for shipping in Australia, e.g. Sea Moss Gel.


?. Ordering Gel on Wed - Fri

Sea Moss Gel ONLY Ships  Mon, Tue & Wed Weekly.

We only mail those days to avoid your sea moss from sitting in the post office, warehouse over the weekend. Sea Moss needs to be refrigerated asap!

If you ordered Sea Moss Gel between Wed-Sun It will be shipped first thing Monday.


?. Do we allow pickup?

We don't provide pick up, but if you would like to order we deliver Australia wide


If you have any further question. Don't hesitate to send us an email at support@purpleceemoss.com or visit our Contact Us page