Which Sea Moss: Purple OR Gold?

"Do i get the Purple Sea Moss or the Gold Sea Moss what's the difference?"


When you first find out about Sea Moss, one of the first things you do is research, searching online, watching YouTube Videos, following Sea moss content on Instagram or joining groups in Facebook. For everything and anything that has to do with Sea Moss, the benefits, how it taste, what to do with it when you get it, does it really work, etc.

After all the searching, you finally get to the point where you are interested in trying Sea Moss and experiencing the benefits or maybe you want to know, have people been hyping it up. Whatever your reason, you come across the next hurdle, do you go with Purple Sea Moss or Gold Sea Moss?

This is a very popular question, we have put together some information to hopefully help you understand it a more.


Smell 👃

One of the first things we were curious about the first time looking into Sea Moss was, what does it smell like? Our thoughts, It has it’s own unique smell, almost like the ocean.

Raw Gold Sea Moss
Gold Sea Moss does not really have much of a smell, usually just smells like the beach
Purple Sea Moss definitely has much more of a smell, more potent than the Gold.


Taste 👅

We are torn when it comes to which Sea Moss, one of us loves the Purple Sea Moss, just feels like you get so much more out it, the other love the Gold Sea Moss and does not understand how anyone can like the Purple, so we would usually put both to soak. One of the main reason we are torn is, it come down to taste.

Gold Sea Moss Gel
Gold Sea Moss has a slight ocean flavour, does not really taste like much, mild earthy beach type of flavour
Purple Sea Moss, similar to the smell, also has a stronger smell than the Gold. Has a potent ocean taste, compared to the Gold it can be harder to cover the taste. 


How they compare in benefits 🙌

Both the Gold Sea Moss and Purple Sea Moss contains Antioxidants in it. Antioxidants is said  to help the body by protecting our cells from the damage of oxidisation. Our bodies naturally goes through a metabolic process, an example of this would be when you eat an apple, as that apple enters the body it needs to get taken from a larger form into a smaller portions for use in the bodies functions, vitamins, etc. As the body is breaking down the food, it can create free radicals. It is said that too much free radicals causes ageing and a load of other diseases. The reason why is that it break down the cell and damages the DNA and other molecules of the cells, eventually killing the cell. In order to avoid this the Antioxidants protect the cell by providing the missing electron and this stops a chain reaction of further cell damage.

The Gold contains Phytonutrients, this is a natural chemical that is grown by plants, fruits and spices.

What’s special about Phytonutrients is it helps the plants immune system. Helping protect it from from insect bites, viruses, the suns radiation and more. Its also what give the plants the smell and colour

What’s make Phytonutrients beneficial to us is the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that it provides and also boost our intercellular communication and immunity. Helps remove toxins from the body, help enhance eye health and have Carotenoids which is found in yellow or orange plants which can be converted to Vitamin A, just to name a few, there are so much more.

A few more benefits, but there are so much more: 

  • Gut Health
  • Thyroid function
  • Natural decongestion
  • Natural multivitamin

The Purple contains Anthocyanin, which is a particular type of antioxidant.

Anthocyanin is what give plants the purple, red and blue you naturally see in plants. Historically Anthocyanin substances have been used to heal high blood pressure, Urinary tract infection, heart disease and more.

There have been studies by Phytotherapy Research that have link Anthocyanin to prohibiting breast cancer cells through extracting the Anthocyanin from blueberries. This was an early trial and further studies are required to be made. Part of what causes heart disease is to much oxidative stress(too much free radicals), by incorporating dark rich colour food, studies have shown this can reduce high blood pressure which is a huge reason for heart disease.

A few more benefits, but there are so much more: 

  • Immune support
  • Fights free radicals
  • Visual health
  • Rich anti-viral properties


Which Sea Moss is for you
Gold or Purple?

No matter which one you choose, they both provided your body with the 92 out of the 102 minerals that your body requires. What stands the two apart from each other is the different Antioxidants Anthocyanin and Phytonutrients that  comes naturally in the Purple and Gold Sea Moss.

Through out the years, there has been a lot back and forth about Purple and Gold, some dislike the Purple because it is more potent in flavour than the Gold, others are a fan of the Purple Sea Moss and don't mind the taste, which is a bit of a earthy ocean flavour naturally, would be how we would be describe it. Then there is totally opposite, who prefers the Gold Sea Moss, because there is almost no taste a lot less earthy ocean flavour.

We alway say try both and go with the one you enjoy the most, either way you can’t lose.



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